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  • UX
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • e-Commerce

AbelCine is professional camera shop and equipment rental-house focused on digital cinema, broadcast, high-speed, VR, and 360° video, as well as optics, audio, lighting, workflows, and post.

Project Overview

18 months
6 months


AbelCine came with the challenge of rebuilding their e-Commerce platform from the ground up. Part of its remit was to improve the user experience and include a much cleaner UI that matched their brand and achieved more conversions. The current code and deployment solution also needed revisiting to be scalable and flexible.


Create an intuitive architecture to lay out a structure for eCommerce development. Where products were once divided up by brand, we took an audience-centric approach, regrouping products into new distinct categories that corresponded to AbelCine's audiences and uses.

AbelCine -
Figure 1.0 – Full content sitemap depicting user conversions, automated actions, and layout templates.
AbelCine -
Figure 2.0 – User checkout flow diagram.
AbelCine -
Figure 1.0 – Text-based "Buy" mega-menu exploratory wireframe.
AbelCine -
Figure 2.0 – Visual "Rent" mega-menu exploratory wireframe.
AbelCine -
Figure 3.0 – Mobile navigation wireframe to conduct tree testing.
AbelCine -
Figure 4.0 – Product detail wireframe to conduct first click and usability testing.
AbelCine -
Figure 5.0 – Consumer user accounts information architecture and wireframe.
AbelCine -